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"Above All Else, Be Aware of Summer Camp Puppy Love"

“Above all else, be aware of summer camp puppy love”

-Rachel Corry

It is not a famous quote, in fact if you google it, nothing will come up. But trust you me, my life has been driven by this love. Not just this love for others but also for things. It is the fleeting feeling found on fingertips touching familiar faces. It is the reason for my romanticization of relationships and my rambling.

Envision your home from behind a child's eyes blind and benign, new romances take on the form of time. At home I struggled for romance, but from blind benevolence came grandeur that I could not conjure. Puppy love fades, leading to a longing where one will change partners, places and pens in an ever more desperate search for eternal love that neurochemistry made impossible.

The rush of summer camp puppy love is what caused our ancestors to roam. It was the reward for exploring new places and meeting new people. Our primordial neurochemistry is only mitigated by our wherewithal to think about the future and recognize our addictive tendencies. Only time will tell if I am better than my predecessors.

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